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An Overview About Bail Bonds

If you know someone who is jailed, temporary freedom is possible with the use of bail bonds. Peruse this article further should you want to get additional insights and information about bail bonds.

Definition of Bail Bonds

Bail bond is the contract signed by the defendant, the court, the bail bond firm, and the bail bond co-maker. Actually, the broker has the responsibility of ensuring that the defendant will not fail to make appearance in court during trials or when summoned.

Most often, the families, close kin or loved ones of the defendants contracts bail bond agents to help them in the release of the defendants using bail bonds. The court judge will be the one to decide on how much will be the amount of bail of the defendant while the agent will receive a small percentage of the bail bond. The amount is mandated by court so as to release the defendant and to ensure he or she will not flee from the area where he or she lives. The fees charges by these bail bond providers differ from one place to another. Example, if the court charged you with felony and has imposed $100,000 as bail amount, then usually, it requires the bail bond firm to pay 10% of it or $10,000. Remember that the amount paid to the court will not be refunded. By contracting these companies, you can save time, money and effort in raising the whole amount of $100,000. When the defendants fail to appear when they are summoned, then the bail bond companies will pay the full amount to the court. Moreover, the fees charged by these companies differ from one case to another. These companies had varied fees for different cases like 10% for felony cases and 20% for misdemeanor cases. To ensure that you will not flee, these companies require the defendants and their families to submit collateral or co-maker. The collateral can be land title, boat, vehicle or their homes. Defendants can also request their accountants to write off these bail amounts from their taxes in the coming year.

Since they play very important roles in our lives, it is advised that we know some trusted, dependable, legit, and accredited ones whom we can contract whenever we badly needed their services. Be sure to do some deep research to locate the trusted, established, and widely sought after bail bond companies and agents in the community. Lastly, it is advised that you contract only the services of bail bond agents and companies with good reviews and feedback from their past clientele.

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